Nekomimi Lisa (lisagoddess) wrote,
Nekomimi Lisa

im actually really really upset that he hasnt written me back. I guess Im a little fragile ("frazch ee leh") after everything that's gone on. When yur boyfriend doesnt want you for 6 months, you kinda want someone to want you again. Maybe I should have waited. I dont think I can handle rejection right now. I just went with my instinct of what I thought was right. And now it's 3 weeks into it and I have no idea what he's thinking.

In the meantime, Im taking a 30 minute break from work. To try and eat some lunch (an almond croissant. To clear my head and focus on what's important: finals. Tonight's final. That's all that really matters. And yet, im not stressed out. What will be will be. Now, I just need to transfer that attitude to lesser things. Like new relationships. Or, I cant even call it that. Maybe Im actually transfering all my finals stress onto those lesser things.

I dunno, but this almond croissant it really good.

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