Nekomimi Lisa (lisagoddess) wrote,
Nekomimi Lisa

First, I must mention that the seaweed salad Im eating right now is the spicyest (sp?) seaweed salad I have ever eaten. I just wasnt expecting it. The second thing I needed to mention is that the secret to deli/cafe/midtown-take-out-food-of-any kind-store cooking is salt. Every time I buy lunch, I end up parched and craving sugar. I know I wrote about this yesterday, but it's not just the udon. It's a midtown phenom. I feel it happening right now.

And lastly, my date went very well last night. Surprisingly so, since I was not expecting so much from someone who's not my type. Let's discuss my type for a minute. My boy-type. He's tall, he's grungy yet showered. Proly some tatoo art. Maybe not, but a hoop in each ear is definately sexy. So, some piercings. Artist aspect of some type: music, painting, writing. Not much education past high school, but at the same time not stupid. Just didnt get a degree for whatever reason. Oh, and let's not forget slightly depressed, whether it's admitted or not. Smoker. (even though I dont like it much). Skater shoes. Slacker. Going nowhere quickly. Skinny. Very. 5-8 years older than me. So, yes, all this is very ideal. If Im sitting at the bar, this sort of guy will attract my attention at first glance. On that first superficial level.

Ok, so my date: tall (5'11"), skinny. (145 lbs) Polished shoes and slacks and a tie (came from work). Pretty clean cut. Went to Yale. Was on the fencing team. Has 4 years left of residency before life as a radiologist. Wants to teach. Is conducting a reseach project at Sinai comparing heart attack data with different types of scans. No tats or piercings, as far as I could tell. Does some drawing. Very into the Richard Serra experience. Doesnt smoke. Owns a co-op apt in Riverdale (nicer area of the Bronx...far away from me though! :( ) Owns a car. Is 28. And, I kicked his ass with my fabulous memory of anatomy. He taught it in his second year of med school, and I was remembering more than he was! HAHA

Anyway, so yeah. I wasnt so sure about everything. So not my type, except for the tall and skinny part. yum. But, I had the best time. Went to Cafe Orlin on 8th and 2nd until maybe around 9. Then wandered around before deciding to land at the Telephone Bar just a few blocks away. Stayed there until midnight, talking with these people about how some chic started a catfight at a show they went to with the line "I'll cut you like a fucking trout!" (When yur drunk, these conversations can really last, let me tell ya) --Note: if yur in NY, go to the Telepone Bar. It's brit and the friendliest place here. So, 2 glasses of wine and 2 beers later (no laughing!) I was absolutely trashed, but trying to keep my composure. Not that he was sober, so I dont think he noticed. He walked me back to my train and gave me a nice kiss goodnight. YAy! :)

I proceeded to pass out on the train, and I just HAPPENED to wake up when the doors were open at my stop. I hopped out right before they closed.

Im feeling it today. Big time. But it was worth it.

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