Nekomimi Lisa (lisagoddess) wrote,
Nekomimi Lisa

Someone was asking me if D reads this journal and the answer is : I dont know. I've mentioned I have an online journal. And Ive shown him past issues of Entertainment Weekly and LeMonde and such with funny pictures of me from the H/N I suppose, if he really wanted to prowl around the web in a search for this journal, he could proly find it. In general, I didn't really plan on telling him the exact address. And in fact, he hasn't asked. And if he did, I'd have to seriously think about it. From past experience, LJ's are not the best way to introduce yourself. And the fewer people involved in your entries reading, the more you have to say about your experiences. But if he is reading, there's not much up here that he wouldnt already know anyway. He's asked me not to post any pictures of him, and I doubt he'd want me going into any great details about his private life besides the general details Ive written. So, much to everyone's disappointment, I can't give up the full monty.

What I can give up are admissions that I really like this boy and I've told him so on a couple of occasions. Considering we are supposed to go see a band on Saturday night together, I haven't scared him away yet.

In the meantime, since you didnt ask, I missed one question on my neurology test. (arg!) Scored a 103% with the 5 extra credit points. Still...the Type A personality likes to rear it's ugly head. You know what I mean if yur that way.

Im practicing at a teacher-supervised massage session tonight with one of my classmates. It's so helpful to have an instructor right there to answer questions as they pop up. Too bad the financial aid manager-chicky isnt there! I took out a private loan to help with the tuition burden. Ive been all approved, but this woman is taking her sweet time sending the bank paperwork that certifies that Im a student! She was sent the docs on 5/14, and Im starting to get really annoyed. If this loan doesnt happen in a timely manner, yours truly will get really skinny again, as I did when I first moved to NY. Contrary to popular belief, starvation-skinny is not hot. And it's certainly embarassing to be 25 and STILL not able to make it confortably on one's own. I have been pretty down the last few days about my financial situation. I can pay all my bills, but then there's nothing left. Nothing. IF this loan doesnt go through. I'll have about 150$ a month extra after all the bills are paid. So, that's enough for food, and random expenses that come up like Dr. visits and metrocards. $150 may be a lot in your neck of the woods, but not in NYC. NYC: Where groceries cost just about as much as buying cheap chinese take out. Truly. So, yeah, let's hope I dont need new pants, or the cats get sick, or something like that. Im not complaining here. I just wish that for once I had a little extra to save up for a vacation or something. Im so tired.

Shake, rattle, n roll. The Cure remix CD is playing in my office-junk CD player. Track 4 rocks out. "The Forest", I think it's called.

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