Nekomimi Lisa (lisagoddess) wrote,
Nekomimi Lisa

So, the pool is Sunset Park Pool, about 4 miles away from my apt. The facility will be open until around August 15. Since I'd like to get in shape running, I was thinking about Wednesday/ Fridays in the summer running down to the pool, then swimming 2000M before work. The pool is icy though. My body can barely take it, and more than half an hour is grueling. Im thinking I can churn out 2000M though. The other people there told me it was especially cold today. The weather has been overcast and rainy, so maybe with some hot days and sunshine, it wont be so bad. I miss swimming outdoors, so it's a real treat, even in the beginning stages of hypothermia. (Im actually not kidding on the hypothermia part: blotches, dizziness, bluish fingers and toes...) And it's completely free! :)
There are 2 drawbacks:
1. no lane lines. lines on the bottom of the pool, but no ropes. So, being outside, and with no artificial references, backstroke is pretty impossible. :(
2. The "locker rooms" offer little facility for changing/ getting ready for work. The women's side is the home of some Brooklyn boxing league. (cool!) There's an actual ring, lots of punching bags, and exercise equipments in the first HUGE room. Some time 12 x 12 inch lockers line the front wall. There's a mens' room and a womens' restroom. A little hall corner thing lead to the back. Open showers. Questionable silver bathroom stalls. No seating, benches or otherwise. and finally, no mirrors. i had no clue if I looked like a freak or not, when I left. I had to put all my things on the floor, and the bottom on my bag got wet. and the water was dirty from the crud on the floor. gross. i managed to get my hands all in that. plus hair product. and no sinks to wash in. toilets and no sinks. hmmm.

anyway, i need to find some sort of bag that will fit tightly on me so I can run with my swim/day gear clothing, etc.

BTW: This entry took me an hour to write do to working in the open hallway with constant traffic.

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