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I really kicked the shit out of my shoulder at the swim meet on Sunday. Then of course, I was all inspired and lifted and swam all hardcore on Monday. So, now Im icing and not swimming and eating motrins like candy. mmm, ibuprofen.

Sadness. It's so frustrating. Im totally ready to train and kick ass and I cant. In fact, I'll have to go back to kicking with fin tomorrow.

Times (in Meters...and slower than ever, but I cant really complain too much since I've only been training 2-3 times a week on an injured shoulder..)

200 Freestyle: 3:00.38
--50 splits: 42.65/ 1:29.15/ 2:15.69/ 3:00.38
50 Breast: 51.93
100 Breast: 1:48.24
--50 splits: 53.03/ 1:48.24
100 Back: 1:41.56
--50 splits: 49.76/ 41.56

For those of you that only know about times in yards, here are the equivalent times:
200 Freestyle: 2:39
50 breast: 45.70
100 breast: 1:34
100 back: 1:29


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Jul. 22nd, 2004 03:37 am (UTC)
If your shoulder is this messed up, shouldn't you like........ take some time off from the swimming? You could develop some ligament damage if you keep that up sweetie. :-(
Jul. 22nd, 2004 08:21 am (UTC)
cant take a lot of time off, or it's not worth it.
i get fat. ;)
plus, i love to swim, and I love my team. but, as i mentioned, kicking with fins keeps up the cardio. Minimal stroking, if any. But still some speed, so I dont get too bored.

I actually didnt go this morning. i already have tendon damage.
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