Nekomimi Lisa (lisagoddess) wrote,
Nekomimi Lisa

Good news!

I want to thank Ulysses for his job tip. I awoke this morning at 7:30 AM for good reason! After a frustrating trip to kinkos to print out my resume (terri has MS word 5.1, so it cant read my resume, and no printer), I had some good luck at CTI temp agency. Without remembering much about excell, i managed to score in the fair range throughout and an excellent on the text. Ha! I cheated though, cause really, you can figure out half the stuff by intuitively thinking though what all the little buttons mean at the
"which button do you use to sort a column"
lets see....there the B (bold) button and then this really obvious A to Z with a downward arrow...let me see...
in any case
let me back track a moment to rant about kinkos. 20 cents a mionute plus 1.06 for print outs, the computers better work! alas, they did not and i ended up spending 10 bucks to print out 3 resumes. ugh. did you know that kinkos has these cards you can just put money on...and then slide them into the computer and then it ticks down your account? its pretty rad for those in a hurry..less rad for those of us stuck on the "print not responding bus" while we watch out minutes click up and the money click down :)

ok, i returned home around 1:30, and sat around in my underwear (so nice after wearing a suit all morning..) i was all about to take a map when i decided to check my email. one of the employers from had emailed me asking i forward him my resume (which i already had, but you know..) so im thinking..SHIT! im going to have to ride the F all the 20 minutes back to kinkos! (perhaps there is one closer, but with the snow turned slush, stepping off the train and having the kinkos on the opposite corner fromt he subway exit is worth the extra train ride) i attempted to download my resume off my email, but unfortunately, it was a) written for a completley different company..and b) microsoft 5.1 cannot read microsoft 2000 documentS! :)
so, off back to kinkos i went. all in all it was good, since i now have an interview with an investment banking staffing firm on friday. i really hope i get the job, cause it would get my foot in the door to finance..
with some IB experience and some internet startup 2 years, Dartmouth wont not be able to accept me!!

For dinner I rewarded myself with a sicilian slice with extra olives. mmmm, yummy.

i sorta wish terri had a tv..i feel like vegging out. im gonna call up CTI tomorrow and see if i can get one of those 1 day receptionist gigs.
life is good.
and i have Haagen Daaz ice cream to eat with it

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