Nekomimi Lisa (lisagoddess) wrote,
Nekomimi Lisa

I've rounded the corner of the weekend for my last week of classes in 2nd semester! It's amazing. This term has flown by so quickly. And yet, it seems like ages ago that I was at Charlotte's place, strapped with plastic coated knee pads, clickity clacking around her kitchen floor as I practiced palming the bladder meridian. Ah, Shiatsu. I turned in a Dr's note this last week regarding my knee flexion issues, so I no longer have to scoot around on the floor. It's amazing how client centered I can be when Im not contracting my quads against knee pain, thus infuriating my lower back. Simply amazing.

D and I went to the Cartunnel exhibit (there's actually 2 dots over the "u" in that, but I dunna how to do it here)after school on Saturday. Imagine a choose your own adventure cartoon maze, complete with twists, dead ends, 2 levels, stairs, fireman's poles and beanbags. Basically, whichever direction you turned next, the story would change, and a new artist would express his or her ideas about the plot using a different medium. The storyline was something about a witch from Central park, a peg leg girl, and a goose. Other than that, it was all pretty abstract and beautiful. The project was organized by the Flux Factory in a huge loft building in Long Island City. And it was FREE! D gave them a donation though. Yay for random free stuff.

It seems at if I have been invited to the wedding of one of D's friends. Im not sure if I can go though, since it's on a Saturday..and might be the same week in which I'll be out of town for work, later this fall. Rrrg. I think D kinda wants me to go though. He was talking to the soon-to-be groom on the phone last night, and they seemed rather close. Missing class is the pits though. Getting invited to a wedding by D seems significant somehow.
We ordered mediocre Riverdale sushi last night and watched a few episodes of Serial Experiments Lain. It's nice to see them again, knowing the full story. I missed a lot the first time around. It sucks that we can only see each other on the weekends. I guess that's what distance does. The good news is that it's hard to get tired of someone when you don't see them frequently. The bad news is that you dont know if you would get tired of them if you did. I'll find out when we kit the road in September and head north for a few days. I think we'll be ok though. He's going to teach me how to juggle. We started with step 1 last night: tossing an orange from one hand to the other without focusing on the orange. Coordination is hard for me. This might take a while.

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