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Well, we missed the Korean Fan dance, but we did hit the Whitney for the Ed Ruscha exhibit. Nice. At first, I had my doubts, but I really started to like his stuff. Impressive, considering I'd just finished a 5,000 yard workout with fins. I was much more apt to nap than museum, but it all worked out. Met one of D's friends from Yale. Nice enough guy. Friends say a little about people, and I was impressed. This particular friend was one of the divas who developed the new LED system for stoplights and walk signs. At least here in NY, the old lights have been replaced by more pixilated-looking fixtures: brighter and (apparently) longer lasting with fewer mechanical difficulties. Cool. Something about crystals. Something about photons bouncing around.

We barely made it through the men's pommel horse before passing out. Did Paul Hamm score any medals medals to make up for the fake all-around gold?