Nekomimi Lisa (lisagoddess) wrote,
Nekomimi Lisa

im waiting for D to come pick me up. he says he hit some traffic. la de da de do.
Not only did I get an email from Jay today, but I also got from from the Melavator AND an old fling/friend, Deb. Yes, the email has been good.

Ive been printing out restaurants to try. One is Suzie Wong's Night Cafe. Located at 409 West 14th St, it's only open from 12am -3am. Asian Cuisine, of course. Sounds cool.

I thought tonight we'd hit up El Cocotero on 18th, but if it gets any later...I dunno. the movie starts between 8-8:30 so and Im sure the people will come early. South American arepas and tapas looking menu. I am hungry. I know D's not. Took some antibiotics that upset the tummy.
Ooo! he just called. yay!:)
Im h-over and h-out.
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