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made it into work 15 minutes early today. I hardly have anything to do. August has been such a razor blade month. its all about wasting as much time surfing around as possible while not getting caught and looking busy. today, i have to invoice a customer, and call a few people. maybe an hours worth of work, normally, if i needed to get through it quickly. of course, little things will pop up...hopefully many so Im not pulling my hair out.
Ive decided to reorganize my filing cabinets. It's a little jumbled. I know where things are...but it could always be..i dunno ...a little more alphabetical or something.

D was sick last night, so we didt go to the movie. ended up hitting the Rocking Horse Cafe and ordering appetizers that we couldnt finish. He had a salad. He'd been feeling bad all day after taking an antibiotic in the morning. I certainly wasnt going to push things. We went back to his place. I gave him a terrible 1/2 hour massage on the futon for his aching back and put him to bed. We were both asleep by 9:45. I guess I was a little bummed cause I was looking forward to a free movie on the pier, but its not like he can help being sick. I was happy to pay for dinner and get him home. I think he was feeling a little better this morning. I made him some oatmeal, but discovered after the fact that he wasnt into milk in oatmeal. so, I had to eat it myself. it was too sweet.


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Aug. 26th, 2004 09:01 am (UTC)
what kind of oatmeal, instant or the one you have to cook? If instant, I agree about the no milk theory. If instant, I agree they can be too sweet. I bought a box that had "half the sugar", and the sweetness was good, but believe it or not, it tasted kinda salty.
Aug. 26th, 2004 06:13 pm (UTC)
Not much of a fan of any kind of Oatmeal, myself. To illustrate, I once went on an 80 mile hike in Klamath Falls on the border of CA and OR with a bunch of guys from work. Took us 11 days and covered 14 of those miles the first day. We had packed in an equal share of about 50 lbs of lightweight, calorie rich things like Top Ramen, pudding mix and, yes, the hated Oatmeal. Eventually, though, with 2 days of hiking left to do nearly all the food was gone except, of course, for my oatmeal. I had no qualms about hoarding my meager store and leaving my buddies to kill each other off in a cannibalistic frenzy except that it would mean I would actually have to consume this stuff. I think I pulled off a pretty good imitation of magnanimousness as I dumped it on them, though.
Aug. 27th, 2004 04:08 am (UTC)
it was actually quaker instant oats, but the kind in the can, unsweetened. I'd added too much honey. so, it was my own damn fault, but I hate to waste food.

Speaking of hiking, that's what Im going tomorrow. I dont actually have any hiking boots, so Im wearing my pseudo-army boots. they are extremely comfy on long walks, although I wear double socks and a bandaid over the achilles just in case they bite.
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