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I took today and tomorrow off to extend my Labor Day Weekend. Im leaving in about 2 hours to catch the train to meet D. We should be on Lake Champlain around 10:30 pm tonight.

I got up at 5:15am and coached the team this morning. Im still a little nervous in the beginning when I have to talk to the whole group. When Im explaining sets to each lane (3-5 people), it's ok. Wierd. Anyway, everyone seemed to like the workout, so all is well.

Got home, napped for 2 hours. Picked up my laundry, bought some cat litter. James is taking care of my place while I am away. I took him out for Japanese last night, and left 20$ for the help.

My computer booted up last night with 2 random files that I never purposefully downloaded. !!! A ".bin" file and a ".exe" file. Of course, I immediately trashed them and emptied the trash. This happened on my office PC and it turned out to be spyware and managed to ruin the computer beyond use. I have a Mac at home, and thought I was a little safer. I suppose Ive been surfing around a lot to random sites lately trying to get hiking info for the trip. I cant download anything now. It crashes my system. ive been trying to find virus helps for mac, and spyware removal software,but its been impossible, since I cant seem to stay connected for more than 10 screens. Annoying.
I asked James to research some proggies while im away and put them on zip discs, if possible. (My CD drive is broken, FYI). Otherwise, I think my mac is going to go downhill fast.

Any suggestions on this from Mac users?
Anyway, I gots to boogie. I'll be back on Tuesday.

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