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This will be my last entry from the here and now house! Jeramy and I are leaving mid-morning tomorrow for our new home in Brooklyn! :)
I spent the last 5 hours packing my room and getting some file off the g4. All u can say is, i need a shower. Im waiting for the J to call (whats new? :) ) hes supposed to call and inform me before he comes over with the penske truck. (yes, lisa is driving a 15 foot truck to NYC!! ) im a little worried about him. i wasnt able to help him with the rest of his packing and loading (especially the bed) since he had to run back to his place to feed the meter on the Penske parking space. i hope all is well and that the going is only slow and arduous and that nothing actually bad has happened. fate has smiled on us, so far. I managed to get my plane tickets about 15 hours before I left, flew home, picked up the truck without a hitch, got through all the stuff i needed to do, like closingbank accounts and paying bills (ugha!)
so, keep your fingers crossed for us.

1. The "Where the Fuck are my plane tickets" story

I ordered my cheapo, lucky find tickets off of lowestfare on the 29th. Days pass..and no tickets. (I had them sent to Stacy's since I didnt have any other address at the time) so i waited. I couch hopped to terris..back to stacys..back to terris, and finally to marios. so, theres about 5 UPS "we tried to deliver: slips and finally the "final delivery" box is checked. i cant get a hold of stacy to save my life, so the only option i had was to assume that she was never home to receive them..
so on tuesday (2 days before i need to leave), i sat down at kinkos and figured out where the UPS office was. and of course, it was all the way in bumfuk east i spent a little more money at kinkos and matched up maps to figure out which subway line i could take (kinkos is 30 cents a minute in NYC). i take the 2/3 train for almost an hour to the the third to last stop and get off. im in a differnet country. its cold. really cold. some girls tell me to go in the wrong for about half an hour, im walking the wrong way. finally, i go into this community center and ask..i was supposed to take the bus the other way. good to know. i take it, and then have to walk another 10 minutes by large warehouses and glass factories. I thought i smelled the sugary smell of a crystal meth lab, but who knows..
in any case, i found the UPS center. i had to fight with the desk attendant, because i wasnt stacy pershall (i must be stealing her mail, if im asking for it and not stacy) . finally i whipped out my passport and pleaded and looked extra sad, and he dissappeared in the back to search. five minutes later, he returned to say it was out ont he truck and that i would have to come back tomorrow..
id also have to call "central" and get them to hold the package at the UPS warehouse. SIGH>>>
so im on the phone and its ringing and ringing and ringing and ringing and ringing and ringing and ringing and ringing and ringing and ringing and ringing get the picture.

so, meanwhile, this woman in line is pissed because she called the day before to have her package held..and it wasnt there today. im NEVER going to get home.
"central" finally pickjs up and they say they will hold it.

so, the next day, wednesday, the last chance for the moving plan to go right.. I leave mario's apartment at 9:00 am. i have to go early, beause i I have an important interview at Lazard Feres at 3pm. so, im wondering why the hell im alive, at this point. the subway lurched on until half a day later (it seemed) i jumped off to catch the bus. (i did congratulate myself on not wasting time to walk) the street of warehouses was even colder today. 0 degree wind chill. not nice. at least it was sunny though. i hoped that was a good sign. I stepped inside the warm UPS warehouse and asked for the package. the desk attendant on this day was not such an asshole. he came out in 2 minutes with the precious ticket. "Halleluja!!!' I yelled at him. He seemed started, but i thought it right to rejoice.

and i made it to my interview on time...i have a second interview with the company late tuesday afternoon. :)

2. The "I cant pay my bills!" story
well, i sorta can. it was lucky that i saw a pile of mail in eriks room..full of bills that no one would have said anything about otherwise. turns out my cell bill was due today. i put it on my anorexic citibank card. i transfered 2 balances to the citibank card today, as well..too late for the MBNA. when i called to check my balance, before i rented the truck, i had plenty of money, but it seems, not after the truck is charged, i will have gone 70 bucks over. grrr. i hope it charges... STRESS. do credit transfers count as paying abill?? i hope so, cause othersite i dont have enough to pay 2 of my cards this month. STRESS
must do well on second interview..

sorry its long. mcuh to say..especially when its free to use the computer! :) im gonna do some other computer thangs now
as always, feel free to write at

keep tuning in for project updates :)

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