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So, im out of school early today. Not by choice though. We have these "professional development" (PD) classes that take the place of regualr classes 2-4 times per semester. The PD classes deal with topics like running a business or dealing with client issues, and professional burnout. Anyway, today we wre supposed to have a class about client trauma in place of shiatsu. the instructor never showed, so we were let out at 2:30, instead of the usual 6. I have a semi-free half an afternoon, but ...since attendance at all the PD classes is required to graduate, we've a got about 20 students that will have to be rescheduled. Rescheduled, but not on a usual class day, since that would take up part of the required 1,000 hours of education required to sit for the board exams. That means instead of having a precious free evening later in the semester to cram for tests, a classroom of students has to sit around learning about trauma. Important, mind you, but seemingly less so in the face of soft tissue assessment finals.

I do have a little time to think about completing a scholarship application for the contest. I have to write a 1,000 word essay on one or more of 3 topics. The two topics that interest me most:

1. Identity a population that you would like to educate about the benefits of massage. Develop a detailed plan to reaching that group. Etc.


2. Identify an interest you have in developing a specific community service project involving massage therapy.

For #1, I my angle would be that most people don't know the benefits of massage therapy. Yes, relaxation. But there are about a billion...and a lot of benefits have been backed up by years of research..but legally, we cant make claims. so starting from the i-have-to-reach-everyone approach..I thought about creating a pamphlet. But then..what would make people want to pick up a pamphlet. Where would I put it? should a free massage be involved? Would I want to associate education with some sort of free or paid service? Would people thing that the pamphlets writer was just trying to advertise instead of truly educate? anyway..lots of interesitng questions to address.

For #2. I was thinking a great project would be to hook up volunteers with the ASPCA or another animal shelter. Offer free 10 minute chair massages for people who came by to take a look at the animals. Offer free 1 hour massages for people who adopted. (Obviously, potential adopters would have to be screened as normal. Not that I think anyone would adopt fido to get free bodywork ,but you never know..)
Anyway, Im leaning towards #2 just because there's a health benefit to people and animals. I like it.

anyway, let know what you think, if you have any ideas besides "thats cool" or "thats dumb" cause that doesnt help. the scholarship applications are due by 10/29. I hope to have a topic desision by the end of the weekend. and I might be posting surveys. (We can do that here, right?)

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