Nekomimi Lisa (lisagoddess) wrote,
Nekomimi Lisa


We made it!! I'm typing from a mega-huge internet cafe in times square, NYC!! It's all orange and wooden with webcams at every station. Not sure how one would log into them, but they are here, in any case, so perhaps ill figure it out and set up something. This place is only a buck for 2 hours of access. Im TOTALLY into it!

So, we pulled in early in the morning on Monday. Cold, tired, and ready to crash, we pulle the truck up right in front of the apartment. About 15 minutes later, Jeramy comes into the apartment and tells me theres this scary cop outside and that we almost got a ticket...
no parking commerical vehicals on our street! (good to know) so, we pulled it around the corner and were happy to find the clean white truck sides un-tagged, in the morning.

So far, all is well. Ive had a couple interviews, a second Lazard Feres interview..and a second Kirshenbaum&Bond interview in about 3 hours. Just recieved a message to schedule an interview with Spark. So, I'm feeling ok about things.

Jeramy is working on putting together his resume, and we plan to have dinner with Scott after my interview tonight and get things together. I must admit, New York has been pretty good to us so far. I only hope the luck holds.

Ifrit did not take the move so well...he weighs about 5 lbs less than he did when we left. Cats and big trucks do not mix. He meowed the whole way down, since we decided not to give him any sedatives. We are hoping that the sickness he experienced over the last few days subsides and we dont have to make a vet trip.

Tiga, X, and Q are happy..but i need to find a pet shop soon..
and THE FISH LIVED!! isnt that one in a million??

As soon as i get a job, ill be purchasing my imac. After that, this project of mine will begin take some shape. so, give me some time to get settled. and i promise not to say "coming soon" until i mean it!! :)
Love to all...

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