Nekomimi Lisa (lisagoddess) wrote,
Nekomimi Lisa

during break at school. wondering what the 2nd half of the review class has to hold. im so unmotivated. always get like that when winter starts to hit. i mean, it's fall and all, but when it gets dark, it's hard for me to do much but hole up. bad habits.

i have to work on something tonight when i get home. it's not like im not interested. it's just hard to get my butt to the computer to do anything. it's all silent hills's fault! haha
in all honesty though, it's not. I just decided that i could pass without I might as well quit stressing out and sleep a, ive been sleeping and stressing out at work, and doing some school. and passing with a's even still.

im hungry, but nothing in the vending machine can turn me on. watched "supersize me" with the D and i feel like eating vegis and nothing else for the rest of time.
Not that I eat fast food anyway, but my point remains.

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