Nekomimi Lisa (lisagoddess) wrote,
Nekomimi Lisa

So, I think I've figured it out.
The last day of school is 4/16.

There's a class I'd like to take from 4/25 - 4/29. Depending on whether I can get time off (because OF COURSE someone else higher in the company in logistics wants the 25- 27 already, grrr), Ive decided that my last day here is 5/27. Now, since the class is $800, and 2 weeks is a little over that...if I cant get time off for the class, I may just take off the week before, or whatever week coincides with D's vacation and then the last day will be 5/20. I know, not much of a difference to you all...

gotta get the taxes in . Thanks to school, I get a nice chunker back to put into savings to help me live between the time I quit here and the time I someone to sponsor me to work. Have to have a sponsor/ supervisor until I get my license. Exam is in August and licenses are not awarded until October. Yackity yack. and NO, I am not staying at the office. no no no no no.
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