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help for the hardware inept

I am researching laptops. I need something more mobile than my prehistoric G3, and im leaning towards a PC for the simple reason that most good accounting software and all the newest software seems to be PC oriented. So, I have some questions. (am I wrong in this thinking?)

1. I want a laptop with Wi-Fi capabilities (is this Centrino? or Bluetooth?). I need to run an accounting proggie or two. Relatively fast. Video editing enabled (Note: I dont do any more editing because my Mac is all screwed and my CD is dead so I cant install anything . not a priority lately anyway). Basically, I need memory and a bit of speed.
Should I go with a PC, or is a Mac doable? Ok, I admit, as much as I dont need a top of the line, I sorta like having power, and at this point paying $40/month on a scary interest rate is just something I might consider doing... I dont need the super gaming ability though.

2. Ok, processors: Im confused. We've got Pentium M 730, 760 and 725. Celeron 350 and 360. And that Centrino thing. Please advise, cause I gots no clue.

3. Minimum HD space? 60BG, 80? Is is better to get less and keep an external at home? (cheaper?)

4. Im looking at Dell. Anyone have some reviews for the Inspiron, or any other model? How about the Sony Viao. or HP? or IBM? What about the newest macs?

5. Firewalls...? D has a good system, so I might use his set-up, but yeah, with a PC, Im going to need more protection. As is stands now, I think my mac has some spyware, or something. On this new PC will be all my personal accounting. I will of course, back up, but Id rather not have to reinstall proggies every other week.

6. Anyone work for computer people? Ill bake you cookies or something if I can work a discount ;)

Ok, computer people, help me out. Ive been out of the loop for a LONG time. HELP ME OUT!

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