Nekomimi Lisa (lisagoddess) wrote,
Nekomimi Lisa

well, im down to 2.5 weeks left at my job! its amazing. and scary. It seems like I def have 2 shifts a spa, maybe 3. The rest the interviews fell through and I turned down the work at Equinox. Not sure if I will actually be able to move. I received the lease renewal in the mail yesterday, so I have to decide soon. I girl just moved in downstairs with a really barky dog, which makes the building even more noisy. sigh. waiting to hear on other leads. it just seems overwhelming right now to finish one job, be away for a week and then come back and have to deal with apt hunting and subletting my current place. ugha. on the other hand, living above the barky dog for the next 15 months does not seem so great either. i suppose my 3$ investment in super insulated earplugs was a good one.

I am excited to go back to Idaho though. Two days with the parents will be enough, I think. And then its into the back woods for 5 days. nice. Maybe I will feel more apt to deal with life when I get back. I go through cycles fo high motivation and low motivation. Im at a low now. I think it makes sense, since I just pushed my way through school, and Ive had to hustle to find a little work and get all my grad/ state licensing paperwork in and such. I get home from the office and Im just dragging. Dont even want to do the dishes. its bad. in the evening mostly. im more productive in the morning, but after the whole day, the evening is a waste.

Ill start looking for more work again after Im done at the office. Its hard to interview and such when Im here from 9-5. Plus, if a spa wants me, I cant start until mid-june anyway cause of the work schedule, so theres not point in hustling on the job front until I get back. I have a little guaranteed income to start with.
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