Nekomimi Lisa (lisagoddess) wrote,
Nekomimi Lisa

slow ass summer. im telling ya, it's going to be ramen from here on out and NO spending of money of any kind except on bills and min. payments on debts. rrrg. my first week in july, with 5.5 shifts: 180$ PRETAX. stinks. My shift today at the spa was cancelled because everyone is at the beach and business is too slow to be open. (AKA: noone coming in at all). its ridiculous. I've looked for PT jobs and et cetera on craiglist, but nothing really works out. I only have Thursdays and Saturdays off, at this point, so its impossible to find something that pays to put in on those days. why oh why do the board exams have to be so far away!!?? Im also forking over $2500 for a MLD certification class in September. Blah. I may need to start walking dogs, or something. something.

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