Nekomimi Lisa (lisagoddess) wrote,
Nekomimi Lisa

at Daves again. tracking the FINA results thus far. Fast swimming, I tell you. Its inspiring. the shoulder is doing better, but its all about ice, motrin, and lots of lifting. I can now lift 5 lbs with my lateral rotators. good for someone who was in pain just doing the motion in April!

Ive been coaching a lot and Ive decided that I want to go for ASCA certification for Masters. All this on top of massage goals, but its hard for me to just chill. I just want to be able to help out my team more than I do now.

Had lunch today with one of my old coworkers. It was surreal to be back in the midtown office again, but great to see my friends. I got caught up on all the gossip and I promised that Id post a note today. Cause I know she needs things to do read peoples journals hahaa. I miss my GL and CK!

Landed a new job in Bronxville, of all places. Now Ill be working 6 days a week, and Im totally going to miss going boating this saturday on the Hudson. Sucks, but I need the money. So dave is going to just have to go by himself. His coworker has a 24 foot sailboat, or something like it. Poo. Im a little bummed. Ill tell him to take pictures though. I love the new spa though. its so much nicer that either of the 2 that I work at now. We'll see how it goes. I get to work the same shift as one of my classmates. She hooked me up, so I owe her a nice lunch or a few drinks or something :)

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