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fire siren dog

so, the girl downstairs got a bark collar for her dog, and for about 2 weeks, i enjoyed blessed silence in my apt. but th edog has learned how to beat it. i now have a wailing fire siren dog below me. continuous howling for hours. sigh. i know im a bitch, but damn it, i pay too much to live in this city to deal with the noise downstairs. a little i can handle. a dog is a dog. heck, we have one now too. but continuous for hours? its too much. i dunno what i want to do. i hope earplugs drowns it out cause i dont wanna raise a ruckus. i like to try to get along.

im enjoying chocolate soy milk and peanut butter toast. also a calcium pill and a generic centrum. i need a quick nap today. have to leave for work around 1pm. chilly today. fall is so great. and lifrit like to put his head in paper bags for fun. there was some poo on the litter mat when i got home, but i didnt see any on the floor. i will have to check with the roomie to see if she cleaned this morning before i got home. zzz

working in westchester today. hope im all booked. the work has been really great there, and so has the $$.


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