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saturday morn

ive got 35 more minutes to enjoy it, then it's off to Westchester for work. my first client is at 3:15, so im hoping for a booked up day. the dog and the cats are sleeping and ive just made oatmeal with brown sugar, cinnamon, and raisins. mmmm. carbs. its chilly in the apt, since god knows when the landlord will turn on the heat. i dont have soup, so oatmeal is pretty close. my roomie is off doing some volunteer something in the Bronx, then heading to Westchester for dinner. So, I suppose that neither of us will be back before 10pm. Hope ifrit can hold his poo until then. he messed up big time yesterday. and mom stressed. everyone is telling me to give up the cats. i just cant do it. its true that they are seriously compromising my financial situation at this point, but id feel like such a loser if i had to find a new home for them. they want me around all the time, so it was suggested that i find a nice older person that doesnt leave much to take care of them. but...rrrg. id miss them so much. stress. not going to think about it today too much, but it is true that if im going to make it in this city, my rent needs to be under 600$/ month for the next year or so. I dont know if I can keep a roommate with the current behaviour. i also dont really want to live up in a Harlem studio apt. (basically, $600 can get you a 15' x 15' square apt in a bad hood) ok, what did i say? not thinking about it.

time to put on the concert black.

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