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day off

Thank God for Mondays. Alas that I only have one day to do all the things that need to be done, plus shove in some pure lazy sitting-on-my-ass contemplation time. It's a small price to pay not to work at an office, however, so please don't think that it's really a complaint. I was supposed to give my friend, Toy, a call today, but I ended up emailing her and bowing out of lunch. We had plans for last week too, but she had a chiropractor appt that came up suddenly, so it was pushed off. And today, I really needed to be alone and not commute anywhere except to morning swim practice. Im with people all the time, so it's these spare few moments that I relish. I'm a loner at heart, really.

So, a nap was taken around 10:30am. I was cold the whole time, and finally got up at 12:30pm to take a warming shower and cook up and egg with some leftover rice and scallions. I reminded myself to wear socks the next time I nap. And maybe wear a bandana over the eyes. It seemed awfully bright today, for some reason. I did the laundry. With the current jobs needing a uniform, I will end up doing laundry every week. I suppose noone would know if a actually cleaned the clothing or not, but since I work with and touch people all the time, I feel its best to wash off the foreign skin cells weekly. Grocery shopping was difficult. I watched the documentary: The Corporation, or whatever.. It's 2.5 hours long and as depressing as hell. I tried to avoid Kraft (although, Kraft is such an umbrella, I can only say that I avoided food products specifically with the Kraft labeling) I bought the more expensive bread from the Vermont Bread Company, instead of the bread that was on sale. Not that it mattered, because who knows who owns the vermont bread company. I bought a lot of veggies. and I noticed bananas were on sale for 30 cents less than normal, and I wondered if something bad had happened with the crop- something so bad that Key Food would knly buy the tainted fruit at a discounted price. But then, that doesnt make sense, because Key Food, no doubt, would sell the bananas to it's customers for the normal price, anyway, right? sigh. im overthinking, and there's nothing I can do. not really. i can not escape corporations. its the world i live in.

Speaking of being able to do nothing, I have to remember to vote tomorrow. Not that it will matter, because my Green Party favorites dont have a chance against Bloomy. But, im doing my part, as small as it is.

What i can do is mash the sweet potatoes that are just about finished baking. My roomie has this great pan with a really thick bottom. Just put in the taters, prick, cover, and heat on the lowest of low for an hour. The whole kitchen smells sweet and autumn-like. Im mashing the taters and mixing them with soy milk, margarine, garlic, and cheese to put over ravioli. Yum. Im making an effort to cook and not subsist off only microwave burritos, peanut butter on wheat, apples, soy milk, and vitamin pills. Easy to do when you get home from work at 8pm every night.

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