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Nov 8th

the voting is done. i was the first one to the polls in my district, as evidenced by the 5 minute delay to get the voting box to work correctly. I couldnt get the handle to move to the right, and finally one of the election employees realized that there was some seal that needed to be removed. Inside the booth, the candidate line-up was confusing. physically confusing. I double checked my choices 3 times to be sure i voted in each row and only once. it's just all crowded together. i almost missed voting for the DA.

On the way home, i was allowed a moment of mental silence. i suddenly noticed that noone was out on the block where i was walking. not a soul. no cars driving by. noone coming out of the tall brownstones lining each side of the street. I admired the quiet flower boxes of yellow and and purple blooms, enjoying that they could still exist in November due to the warm temperatures. I pretended that I was the only person alive here, and that the street had been abandoned by everyone: that I could just break in anywhere and find it deserted and quiet. My reverie had me all distracted, because i was soon turning the corner and heading up toward Key food, mesmerized by the Goya truck out front, and thoughts of how organizing logistics for a grocery store must be a pain in the ass. Then thinking that I could probably do it, actually, since I was in logistics for 4 years. Something to fall back on, if indeed I do every fall. I noticed a bouncy pit puppy and his owner, then suddenly realize that I'd walked past my block. Doh!

Ifrit scooted by me as I entered the apt, so I had to chase him up the stairs. He does this sometimes, knowing full well, that he will scare the shit out of himself. I try to be nice and talk sweet, because if i sound angry, he runs faster. this morning, we got up to the top floor, sweet talk and all. And when I did snatch him from the floor, he started yowling and thrashing about. I changed my grip, thinking that I was hurting him somehow, and this reduced the yowl to a whine. I deposited him inside the door and he ran under the table, throwing back a guilty yet accomplished look.

And now, Im checking email, enjoying some tea, and airing out a wound. I fell down the stairs on Halloween the morning on the way to swim practice. I was checking email on my phone while leaving the building and I missed the last step or two. Thud! Right down on the knees. The left knee has a little bruise, but I chaffed up the right knee: a nostalgic 5-year old type of knee scrape. I removed the bandaid this morning, and rolled up the leg of my sweatpants to let it dry out a little. it's itchy, but im trying not to scratch.

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