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let it snow!

it's the second snowing of the season. dave's river is fogged by thick clouds and white flakes swirling around and the terrace is half covered where the eaves don't protect. i dont have to work util 10:30 today. (Usually, it's nine) So, we slept in until 7:45 and are enjoying bagels, tea, and the New York Times. Someone's grandfather-like clock was bonging in the background earlier ad it all feels very winter-festive, for some reason.

I havent been home for days. Not a choice really, just what happened. I left Thursday with the intention of staying at Daves that night, and to return home after work on Friday to go see a show (enter the Haggis) with some friends. Soon after boarding Metro North on thursday, I received a call from work letting me know that there were so many cancellations that I wasnt needed. So, on Friday, when dave asked me if I just wanted to come to Jersey for the evening, and my head was splitting down the middle from overdoing it at the morning workout, I gave in. So, then I worked in Westchester yesterday and now again today, so it didnt make sense to go back to Brooklyn last night. And here I am, still in the Bronx. I feel sorta bad for the cats ad Paulette (whose job it is NOT to clean the litter box.). So, I'll have to do some apologizing. I guess she does get the whole place to herself, so I dunno. Maybe she's not too irritated.

I really love my boyfriend. It's crazy and scary and wonderful. And it's already been a over a year and a half. time whizzzzzzzin by. I hope we can survive this commuting hell for a couple more years. I wouldnt bother if I didnt see myself with him in the future. Meanwhile, one of my clients told me I would make an excellent mother. This was last night. (Hello transference!) Because of my nurturing hands. Hmmm. He asked me if i wanted children, an entirely inappropriate question in my mind, and I told him I didnt know, since it's not really any of his business. He immediatly tried to console me: it's okay! I dont have kinds either.: As if I needed some sort of support in my decisions. I dunno. It just irritated me. I need to figure out some stock response to questions that I dont want to answer that isnt rude to my clients/ patients.

I think im going to make a second cup of tea. I wish I could just lie around today. Dave and I were looking at weekend get aways at Travelocity. Alas, since I work on weekends, I can never just take off like that. Pooh. Weekends are so lucrative. I wonder if they have weekday getaways. Proly not. but who's going to give up 400$ to take off on the weekend? :not I: said the booked massage therapist.

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