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still sick. phooey. i called out of coaching this morning so that i could sleep in. of course, i work up at 7:30. sigh. anyway, im not sick enough, at least in my mind, to call out of work...and hey no workie, no moolah. so it goes. i have until 11:15 to rest. i may steal a quick nap after this entry and down some dayquil.

Dave didnt call me last night, which bummed me out cause i was sick. I think my head is a mess from the virus cause i got super bummed for no reason. He could have been on call or gotten sick himself. who knows? but i was hoping for a check up call that never came. still havent heard from him. hmm.

I bought this feliway plug replacer and ifrit is calm. it took awhile for the first one to work, but this one kicked right in. my cats are stoned and calm. apparently, they have been driving my roomie crazy. she was upset that ifrit took her antihisimines (sp?) from off the table, punctured them, and put them in his food dish. but, shes been warned about crinkle. those little pill packs crinkle nicely, with the foil on the back and all. shes got to put those things away, or they WILL get stolen. i cant do much about it. anyway, she was upset about the "cat drama" and text messaged me yesterday when I was trying to sleep in at Daves. so I had to get up and come home.

yeah, so thats it. over and out.


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