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my roommate finally came home around 11, and shes been on her computer all day. i got a call to work on a client today, so ive been busy, as it turns out. My roommie ran out to the grocery store. shes going to pick me up some bread. i need groceries, but i have no idea what i want. i hate that! its like im bored with food. i dunno. im swiping her computer to update while watching Canada kick Sweden's ass in womens hockey. good stuff. im eating some rocky road ice cream thats been sitting in the freezer for a while. tastes fine to me. KT is napping in his condo. He's all inside except his right back foot, which is sorta up and out. and spastic. Ifrit has melted onto the kitchen chair.

Score: 4/0, Canada. Hot! They are showing highlights from the USA/ finland game.

Still thinking about that massage chair. I looked for sports volunteering, but i didnt find anything earlier. i guess i should just call colleges around here and find out if they need MT's. A lot of sporting events arent getting started until it gets warmer. although, swimming is on now.

im rambling cause im distracted by the TV. and by the fact that i should replace this computer on Paulys desk before she gets home.

oh, i LOVE the FAST. you know, from the VW commercials. know what im talking about? Id love to find one on a swimsuit or cap. or keychain.

girl, control your fast. haha.