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so, i thought i was going into work at 12pm, but now it's looking like 3pm. sigh. How am I supposed to live off of 80$/ day in NYC? I LOVE my job, but I have to be honest with myself...and if the hours are not picking up by the end of March, I'm going to have to give notice. this is a terrible thing for me because I REALLY want to do lymphedema work. And everyone at Westbury is wonderful. I keep hoping it's going to pick up there.

So, I splurged this morning and picked up an apple turnover from the Mule Cafe- one of many new upstarts on 4th Avenue. It was pretty tasty, but I think that they get their baked goods from Sky Bakery on 5th. I hear the Mule coffee is to die for, but being a tea drinker, I wouldnt know that directly. It was nice to duck in to escape the wind tunnel that is 4th avenue. I was returning from another enlightening morning as conrad Johnson's asst coach on deck. He's WONDERFUL. I've been studying for my certification, and I need to get to cranking and take the coaching test on the US Swimming website. After that, all I will need is the class about safety for swim coaches, and i will officially be a certified US Swimming coach. The plan is to work the team up to 5,000m practices in 1.5 hour time period. right now, we're hovering around 4000- 4500. Im getting more focused on the swimming side of things, as well. Im entering the Spring Fling Meet on 3/5 and the NYS Masters Championships on 4/30, both at the Nassau Aquatic Center. this first meet coming up will give me a good idea of my times, since I havent competed since July of 2004. I can then focus my training until the 4/30 meet. Exciting stuff. And, since Ive been hired as an asst coach at the new Dodge YMCA, I have a free membership there. Planning to find a personal trainer to kick my ass in the strength and weights dept. My shoulders will thank me later.

Ramble. Ifrit stares out the window. KT naps in the condo. and Paco, the roommie's dog, is licking his chops for no reason.

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