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i just passed my Foundations of Coaching test for certification with USA Swimming: . woweeee! that took all afternoon and a few commutes on the train. it was an open book test, but not easy, especially when it came to interpreting USA swimming rules based on different situations. I missed 7 out of 180, which is more that i would have liked. you can miss up to 20. I scored a 96.11%, which is much higher than the average first time: 55%. I couldnt believe it. I sure as hell didnt want to repeat answering 180 questions again. I was going to pass it the first time or vomit, yo.

i received a call from a patient who wanted lymphedema treatment, but since i cannot take insurance, i had to refer him to Westbury. Im hoping that maybe he will call up the clinic anyway, since I need more patients. See me spotlit here: (Thats my PRACTICE address, not my home address. dont be silly)

thanks tina for a great site. we need as much info online as possible about lymphedema!
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