Nekomimi Lisa (lisagoddess) wrote,
Nekomimi Lisa

playing phone tag

with a staffing agency this morning. i hope they call back before 1pm. I have to get on a train for work right 'round that time.

Swim practice was good this morning. not too much meter-age since we did the 25 sprints, but we all need to work on racing starts.

Warm up:
600 swim (100 freestyle, 50 stoke x 4 continuous)

4 x (3 x 50) reverse IM order
25 kick/25 swim
25 drill/25 swim
50 swim

4 x (3 x 100 freestyle pull, 1 x 50 recover dbl arm backstroke)

3 x 50 backstroke, 85% effort
3 x 50 breaststroke, 85% effort

6 x 25 sprints, diving from blocks

500 moderate swim freestyle

Hmm, whats for lunch?
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