Nekomimi Lisa (lisagoddess) wrote,
Nekomimi Lisa

Happy V day!

Hey, this is the first time I have spent the blackest holiday with someone i care about..or more appropriately, cares about me!

I just got of the phone with the J, himself.

---10 minutes later---
ok, back again. I got sidetracked by work...poor me. Anyway, im pretty satisfied with my job. I only hope that im doing ok..and not asking too many dumb questions!!

yeah, but back to v-day. Poor J is trying desparately to come up with something to do tonight. He has no money, so its challenging. he didnt want to do anything predictable, like drawing a picture or writing a poem, two of his strengths..
so, i dont know. i suggested a bottle of cheap wine and a promise not to yell, argue, or mumble under our breath at each other until tomorrow.

mm, sushi would be nice. hmmm...
if i can convince myself to get sushi later...well, i guess everyone will be out tonight on a date. thats the hard thing about NYC. everyone else is doing what you want to do!

mmm, 15 more minutes and i can go home. i could go hoem at 5, if i wanted, but i need the extra time to pay rent. i have now skipped lunch for three days. thats like an extra 36 bucks in the back. woohoo. i hate this temp to perm. im worth more than 12 and hour...(no dirty ideas now!!)

i forgot to tell you all..
the strangest thing..monday night, i was semi accosted by this big woman on the bus. she was sitting there asking all the white people for change. i have none to give anyway. i sit down and she turns to me and the other white woman sitting in the back and tells us what pretentious fucks we are and... "i know where you come from, but let me tell you, you;re in the ghetto now, and no better than us...if i see you around, im going to kick your asses just to teach you a lesson" she then proceeded to the front of the bus where she started preaching about god and being nice, and how she was going to be famous and get rich selling "products"

i almost laughed. but i didnt, until i retold the story to Jeramy. gotta love it here

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