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I just received an email from my old friend Chris, from back in the day, informing me that he is coming out on Sept 15th to visit me! No, this is not the tattoo artist. Chris moved out of Idaho after 6th grade, we kept in contact via letters at first then email after leaving for college. Sometimes we wouldn’t communicate for an entire year but he’d always email on my birthday with greetings. We’d been talking about this trip for almost 6 months, but he finally got on the ball and bought a ticket! Now, how to avoid going to Times Square….it’s unenviable, isn’t it? And the Staten Island Ferry ride by the Statue of Liberty. At least both are free and I rather enjoy the ferry ride.

I wrote to a couple more people from the past on MySpace. I was searching by school and graduation date and was amazed that I didn’t recognize more faces! How many kids could I forget from the 1996 graduating class of Eagle High? There were only 200 of us! It’s one of those things where maybe you weren’t friends with everyone, but you saw everyone and knew a new kid immediately. Maybe people just get old and fat and hairy after 10 years. Hahah. Or lose hair. Or maybe I am getting senile…or (and more likely) I purposely put anything relating to Idaho out of my head when that happy happy airplane took off to Oberlin 10 years ago. Well, anyway, the same thing happened with Centennial and Meridian High searches: a few familiar faces, but a lot of randomness. I was hoping to find a few more friends than I did, but it’s okay. I’m quite happy with the ones I stalked yesterday. MUHAHAH!

I got home late last night and mulched my garden. I think it looks okay. It was way past twilight by the time I was getting finished. It was hard to tell if the soil was covered properly. Basically, where it looked dark I considered good. I had already mulched half the space with this really lovely natural red colored chunky pine bark. But when Dave and I went to the evil empire of Home Depot this past weekend, all they had left was some shredded brown pine. So, since the weeds were popping up through the chunks, I figured I’d just cover the chunks in a thin layer and then the bare soil with a thicker layer. This seems to have worked, but like I said, it was getting really dark, so I’ll find out for sure tonight after work. Otherwise, I can laugh at my two-toned garden. I need to start shopping for fall bulbs. And a new kitchen table. And 2 welcome mats. And a new filing cabinet. And a new TV stand. And some new clothes cause I’m bored. And replacement swim gear. Good thing I’m stealing electricity, gas and cable right now. Good thing I have a real job that pays well over the living wage. Good thing I never have to buy food, except a small dinner. (Mmmm, sushi…)

Speaking of that job, maybe I should get to it. I’m writing all of this in an outlook email, so it looks like I’m task. And I am! I’m going to go run the dishwasher and get some water. And then ask Iz where she wants the expense receipts from Quickbooks. See, Im on it! Just like Con Edison isn’t on Queens!

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