Nekomimi Lisa (lisagoddess) wrote,
Nekomimi Lisa

Alone on a friday

Charles left about half an hour ago..
i still have one and a half to go. On one hand, its kinda nice to be by one's self in the office. I dont have all that much to do, so basically, i just need to wait for the phone to call and wait for messages. That of course leads to excessive livejournal posting and phone calls to friends. I dont have my phone book, so that really limits the phone call part. I have this spooky feeling like my boss is going to walk through the door at any time, but i know neither one will. Frank is in Connecticiut and Charles is somewhere french that i dont understand.

I am listening to a remix of "however do you want me...however do you need me.."

I found out about some cool camera toys today. ill tell you more when i can afford them... but
i plan on using them to enhance the project a little more. i might also be able to get a discount, since the manufacturer is a client of ours. now the special camera will only be 3000!

still waiting for J to get a job before i purchase the computer. i need to be careful and make sure the rent is paid, first...

i stoked, because my company has all the software ill ever need..that mean I wont have to fork out thousands for quarkexpresss, adobe, dreamweaver, microsoft stuff. more money for toys!! maybe ill go drool over the apple website a little and do some planning.

dont have any definate ideas for the weekend. (i hear on the radio that sarah michelle ghellar is playing a lesbian..lame! on some show tonight anyway...)

since we are having to get he cat neutered and need to purchse more litter, im not sure there will be enough funds for fun this weekend. i guess sleep is fun. i havent gotten to do that this week. i sorta hope it gets sunny. a trip to central park is exciting enough for me, but only if its sunny. right now, its not.

the north is overcast all the time, i swear!

im rambling. waiting for Denise Wagner to call back and confirm the price on a pre-paid parking quote, so her 40 bar mitzvah goers have free parking in the garage near Twirl for April 21.
yeah yeah yeah

the thrills never end
and to all you people who have monday, yur lame, cause i dont!!! :)

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