Nekomimi Lisa (lisagoddess) wrote,
Nekomimi Lisa

“I said –Hey- what’s going on? …I realized quickly when I knew I should that this world is made up of this brotherhood of man…”
I passed a squashed pigeon on 5th Avenue. It’s little orange legs were knarled to the left of the body, which was absolutely 2 dimensional. Bad and nostalgic tunes blared from a truck outside the CBS building. An intern with fashionably blonde streaky hair was holding a large red sign inviting people to be part of the Goodmorning America audience. “Be Seen Live on TV!” I did not want to been seen live on TV. A tourist stopped suddenly in front of me to look up and point. Me, so quiet as to not be heard: “Move the fuck out of my way you stupid inconsiderate piece of…{DAGGERS IN THE BACK}…” This is my walk from the train/ bus every morning, although usually sans pigeon.

Today’s walk was longer than usual. I’d taken the 1 train down from Dave’s place. I was at Columbus Circle by 8am and even with a slow and leisurely walk on the park side of Central Park South, I was at my office by 8:20. I searched my bag for some spare change to stall and buy an iced decaf, but I had less than $2.00. I did have a Starbucks gift card, but I lack a taste for Starbucks and can get it free anyway by adding ice cubes to the office coffee. So, alas, I was in the office before 8:30. Will was here already, as usual. I think he works to avoid his kids.


The corpse flower at the Brooklyn Botanical Garden was awesome!! Dave and I gawked at the long line to get into the bonsai pavilion, and instead found a clear view through the glass walls. Close enough. I was hoping to smell some dead meat stench, but just seeing the strange beast in the cellulose was good enough. We toured the desert, tropical, and temperate pavilions, meandered though the rose garden and Italian gardens, and lingered at the edge of the duck pond to watch a black egret-looking birdie on the giant orange Japanese gate. We pondered the plants in the shady spots to see what was growing: perhaps a guide to what might survive on Dave’s west-facing terrace. A lovely day was had by all. The weather and the company were to die for. All inspired, I purchased 5 lillies and 2 salvia from Home Depot on Sunday and planted them in a pleasing arrangement between my rose bush and the “tree without a name”. Dave wants to buy more plants next weekend. I want patio furniture first with a couple strong citronella candles. I have more bites than I can handle.

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