Nekomimi Lisa (lisagoddess) wrote,
Nekomimi Lisa

Snakes on Planes: 2 thumbs up!
Snakes on Planes in at the Empire Theatre in Times Square: surprising many more thumbs. "ssssssssssssssssssss"
You HAVE to go see this movie. Total campy Samuel L Jackson and snakey kinda fun. Don't think. Just laugh.

From NetFlix: Syriana- timely topic. confused editing. Good Night and Good Luck- Mellow but good.

And in other news, I FINALLY joined Netflix. I've been mooching off of Dave's account, but he doesn't like anime or Japanese horror or..a lot of things that I want to watch. I was especially interested in seeing Kairo (the original's the hollywood fad at the moment to steal Japanese horror flicks and remake them). So it's first on my list. Then "Twelve Kingdoms" and "Rahzephon". Never did through either series.

In other news, the first day on the job the US Open went well. The other LMT on duty was Sheila and we met last year so it was fun making faces over rock hard legs. It was 5 hours straight back to back hands on, except for a 20 minute break. Yesterday was a practice day. I'm not even sure there were any qualies, so the massage schedule was completely slammed with athletes wanting to flush out muscles and relax after hitting practice and a shower. As the Open goes on, it gets less busy since people leave pretty much as soon as they lose. And many of the top athletes have their own trainers and therapists and such. Not all though. And you never know who might be on top this year. I worked on several ambitious Russian ladies yesterday, so we will see!

I'm feeling it today in the forearms though, since I havent worked long hours like that since March. Not as bad at it could be and I have 6 days to rest until next Sunday. I really miss massaging full time. and working with athletes is the best.

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