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I have been absent again, but only because I have been too busy to actually spend any time writing. It’s hard to believe one’s life could get to that point, but does here in NYC sometimes. The past week has been extra demanding at work. I have 6 trips to schedule simultaneously, which means careful double checking of hotels, registration, flights, cars, lunches, and dinners. I’ve been scheduling and reschedule meetings, sometimes making 4-7 changes to one meeting in one day. Lots of filing. Lots of non-stop phones. And somehow, this fills the time between 8:45 and 6/ 6:30pm. I’m tired, and it’s been raining this past week, so when I get back to the apt, I feel like flopping. I also had 4 coaching shifts last week. Seems a little thing, but it eats up the free time before and after work. Not that I mind it, cause I love to coach. But it means no time for writing.

On Friday, my old friend Chris met up with me after work after a long flight from Portland, OR. He’s been staying with me this weekend and Dave and I have been showing him the sights of NYC. The last time I remember seeing him is 8th grade. He says I dropped by in 1998 on a layover, but I don’t remember it. Not surprising since my brain cells were constantly assaulted by alcohol etc back in those days. He looks great and I’m happy we still get along so well. He hit it off with Dave too, so we’ve been the complete tourist party- Park Slope, Times Square, Coney Island, Brighton Beach, East Village, Lower East Side, Union Square, the MET, San Gennaro, (but we missed the Pickle Festival!!  ) Chinatown and bubble tea, and walking the Brooklyn Bridge….

He’s got today to himself and I wrote down some info about more museums, Central Park, and the Empire State Building. The weather has been delicious too. It was rainy on Friday, but the rest of the weekend was fabulous. So, you see, I’ve been distracted.

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