Nekomimi Lisa (lisagoddess) wrote,
Nekomimi Lisa

food for thought

I managed to keep my spending down to 25$ on J's birthday. Its so hard to be frugal when its someone you truly care about. It's way to way to buy them the world. In any case, I decided to do a special dinner. not so much do, as buy, but still..
I have 2 boxes of special sesame wheat crackers. To go on these, I bought 3 cheeses: smoked cheddar, goat cheese, and danish butter cheese. I also bought grapes and some deli marinated mushrooms. I was going to get wine, but thats a little pricy for something good, so, some cola is going to have to do, tonight.

light some candles...present my card, and the emails i have gotten from point51, ezzy, terri, morris, and Ulysses...
my card is this orange cat (looks like Ifrit) with his eyes crossed, and inside it says "you've crossed my mine today" lame, but oh well :)
im lame

i have to get back to work. im sorta sneaking in this report

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