Nekomimi Lisa (lisagoddess) wrote,
Nekomimi Lisa

after the annoying haircut experience, I decided I needed a drink. Or three. and some dinner. Dave called and we chatted about apple picking this weekend, and then I rang up my friend Jason. He came up to my hood from Bensonhurst around 9pm and we jaunted on over to Cafe Steinhoff. I met Jason at the Village Dayspa up in Bronxville. We were the two crazy Brooklynites commuting for 1.5 hours to work...cause we were almost always booked and the tips were great. I met his then girlfriend Lillian at the spa's Christmans party and thought they were just about the cutest couple. Well, they're not together anymore, since just months before he was going to propose, she broke up with him. This was in January and it's taken him a long time to just breath again. Well, she called him on his birthday in July to tell him she was dating other people. Nice. Heart-wrenching. And then just 2 weeks ago, she called him all crying begging him to take her back. I guess she's been calling him and texting him every day since then. It's tough on him because he does love her but after what she put him though, he just can't take her back now. And at the same time, he is feeling like an asshole for making her cry. so, everyone is having love issues this fall. The moon is full right now too, so I suppose that doesnt help either. He asked for advice, but I told him that I really couldnt give any based on what little I knew about her and them. I did say that he had the right idea about waiting things out. Time helps ya think and make decision you wont regret later. Mostly. I total recalled at him and he babbled at me, and it was a great feeling to get out my shit and at the same time offer a shoulder.

I drank and he dipped bread from the basket in my dumpling stew, all the time laughing that he was eating my dinner right in front of me. His brother was coming to pick him up, so we went back to my place. I put on pjs and my cat hat and took pictures of him rolling a joint and surfing though my pirated cable channels until his ride came. I didnt have time to edit cause i was tipsy and exhausted. I remember climbing into bed, but I cant remember falling asleep. The alarm went off at 5am. I am so automated that I don't even think about being sleepy anymore. I just climb down the ladder of my loft and go through the motions.

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