Nekomimi Lisa (lisagoddess) wrote,
Nekomimi Lisa

Digital cameras and weekends

Ok, i have never deserved a weekend more than this one. I'm in charge of doing all the invitation envelopes for a client's party. And she thinks that im doing the mail merge and envelopme printing myself. Well, I didnt and we had this printer do it...and i come to find out, less than 24 hours before the invitations are supposed to be in her hand, that the printer screwed eveything up. I got less than 4 hours of sleep in thursday night, cause i was up at kinkos getting labels printing.

Right before we sen the box of stuffed envelopes to the client, i discovered 4 incorrect labels, from some of the ones we decided to keep from the printer. BAsically, the client is going ot think i am a dumbass, or something.

Stress. Im happy its the weekend and im dreading monday.

On a good note, Morris is a DARLING and sent me a loaner digital camera. I hope to have some picures to put up somewhere on the web next week. Morris also sent me some delicious chocolate, among other things. I am certainly not asking for anything, but i have recieved a few emails on where to send things to me.
You can send them to my work:
RM Designs
206 W 23rd St, Floor 3
NY NY 10011

Thats until I can afford a box at mailboxes ETC.
Jeramy is working today, so im taking advantage of the free time to get out and about by myself. I mailed off my clarinet to the ebay highest bidder and got in touch with a few of my friends. Waiting to hear about later plans tonight with Wil.

And...Weezer will be in town on Monday for a show..
that means my ex-fling Sin will be in town (shes touring with them) I called her today and we're going to hang out after I get off of work. I know Jeramy isnt going to take this well, considering shes an ex..but like, what COULD i possibly do having a drink for a few hours with someone who is now essentially an old friend? If J is off of work, im going to invite him to join us. Cant wait to see her and catch up!

Its warm today, but its supposed to snow tomorrow. so shitty.

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