Nekomimi Lisa (lisagoddess) wrote,
Nekomimi Lisa

Monday, snowy monday

Well, not yet, but soon. By 4 pm, I should be getting worried, say the weathermen on the radio. I guess there is a state of emergency in New Jersey..some sort of power outages, or something. that sucks. its too cold for that business. My boss is trapped in Connecticut this morning, so I have a little more time to write journal entries and bug than I normally do.

Speaking of which, I got all my account info, so Wotty and I will be working on setting that up, hopefully, later today. What with my new camera and all, I hope to have pictures up very soon. I think i might actually play with that in the office a bit, betwween phone calls.

I went grocery shopping for the first time in while, yesterday. It's so nice to actually have food in the house. I made curry couscous and lemon butter broccoli last night. I need to pick up some milk, at some point so i can make some of those Noodle Roni's picked up. Besides going grocery shopping, I gave the apartment a good cleaning. I forgot to do the bathroom, but the rest of the house is void of dustbunnies. Strangely, even with the winter cold, we are having an invasion of spiders. I hope that by cleaning a bit, the spider population dropping unexpectedly from the ceiling will diminish. I hate that, especially in the shower.

Michael is drilling holes in drawers for a client. Between that and the varnish, I'm pretty congested. Its ok though. Frank;s not here smoking up a storm, so i am thankful.

Talked with Jaylene and Sharon yesterday, extensively. They are both doing well. Sharon is going to school and working and basically so busy and tired she hardly has time for fun. Shes happy though, so thats all that counts. Jaylene is doing better since the pleas I put out a few months ago. She is down in Houston, Texas, with Justin and his Mom. Justin;s mom just went through a bone marrow transplant and is recovering well. We are all keeping our finger's crossed. Jay will be back in Maryland in a few weeks. Her baby is Due on May 15th. I get to be a godmom! Woohoo! As much as I dont like kids, I think I'll proly spoil that one, cause I love Jaylene so much. I still hope that one day we'll be roomies again. I just want to make sure she's ok, cause I dont think Justin is going to stay with her. I cant even imagine how hard its going to be for her,and I just wanna be there.

Anyway, nothing happening in the office, so I think im going to slip into a corner and play with my new camera, courtesy of Morris the Magnanimous.

love to all!

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