Nekomimi Lisa (lisagoddess) wrote,
Nekomimi Lisa

Im in the Bronx at Dave's today. He just returned home after overnight call at the hospital. I gave him a 15-minute massage and now he's sleeping like a babe. Nothing to do here in Riverdale. I'm going to fix up his terrace plants, since they fell over in the wind. Maybe do some dusting or something. We have a few netflix to watch, and I know he doesnt want to see The Hours again or Bend it Like Beckham, so I have some cinema to consume when I'm done with putzing around online and outside.

The downtown Brooklyn chiropractor called me back again this morning. He wants more business cards to give out to his patients. (yay!) unfortunatly, I dont have any more and will need to get some made. People had mixed feelings about my own design that Dave and I worked on last year, so I guess I'll just go for something generic from I dont have time these days to be a graphic designer. but this is good news! Maybe I can get a few more weekend clients! :)
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