Nekomimi Lisa (lisagoddess) wrote,
Nekomimi Lisa

Too lazy to link things, but lots to discover

Having dinner with Jeramy ( tonight. I've not seen him for years, but anyone who ever followed know that he was my man in New Orleans and we moved up here to NY together in January of 2001. I'm glad we're getting back in touch cause he's a sweet guy and I need to stay in touch with people I care about. We're going to the Miracle Grill in Brooklyn. It's a tasty Latin fusion spot that tends to be pretty consistant. And it's walkable from my place and near a train for him. Im excited.

While Im pointing people out, this is M: go to that Attack Pug Evil empire link over there on the right, scroll down through my friends until you get to Drunk on the Moon. and that's who all my damn sorry posts are about. Im up to the point where I can look at his picture without my guts twisting. this is good progress. and healthy for my heart (the concrete one that I need to keep beating...) Besides, when you think about things like N. Korea and Darfur, our lives are all good over here in the USA. How lucky I am to have time to have issues blown apart by firebombs. Lucky lucky. I have it really fucking good.

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