Nekomimi Lisa (lisagoddess) wrote,
Nekomimi Lisa

ana and jenni

we have NEVER charged you for anything...and never will. we are not connected in any way to jenni's
or ana's sites, except we offered them a full motion steam on our site, free to the viewers. since jenni is
never on cam and we paid her (since she was worried about losing viewers and memebership $$) we
decided to sever relationships. As for ana wanting to charge (so i hear through the grapevine)...that
won't happen. that was not the agreement between us and her..we paid her to make up for her
memberships too...
we are not about fucking you over. talk to ana and jenni about charging..not us.

i hear there are posts about censorship? what the hell? we let ana do whatever she wants. we do nothing but offer you a FREE live stream on our site.

im tired of all the threatening emails. all i do is live and share my life with my viewers. so leave me the hell alone.
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