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The Hour Swim comes around once a year. This year, I ran the whole damn thing. 113 swimmers from the NY area swimming in hour-long heats with 15 minutes for turnover. 2 grueling days, and even more so if you swam yourself (a slightly disappoinring 3,920 yards -157 lengths). We're raising $$ for the Momentum Project and the AIDS Service center, two outstanding AIDS charity organizations here in the city providing services for those who would not otherwise have access. The total money count will come later in Feb. But for now, the event is over. We can rest until we have to submit the swimming results. This is, of course, also a USMS sanctioned Postal event where swimmers from across the country mail in their results and get ranked in their age-group. It's all about spreadsheets.

I've been more than completely occupied with this, along with doing more at work. I have more massage clients and Ive been trying to swim all the mornings that I don't coach. The subway commute was once a medium for education and reading and now is just a short nap between here and there. Im hoping the "excitement" will die down a little starting next week.

In the meantime, Ive recieved about 15 packets of seeds for the garden. So ambitious. I shared some with Jeanne, across the hall from me. She's going to buy strawberry plants and give me half of her order. I have some window boxes that im going to nail up on the fence, and then alternate planting borage and strawberries. It's supposed to go well together. The snow last week powdered the garden, but it's all melting with the hot 34 degree temps. I have an amaryllis almost ready to pop on the step up to the sliding back door. It's pink, I think. Not my first choice, but it was a gift (Free), so who really cares. Flowers in winter are awesome. And I daresay that I will not be receiving any anytime soon!

I've also become the grocery store tourist. I went to Hong Kong grocery 2 weekends ago and pawed over the dried...stuff. IVe got lotus seeds, dried lotus, chili paste, 3 types of rice noodles, 2 forms of tamarind, mushroom soy sauce, dried shrimps, spring roll wrappers, and coconut milk taking up most of the space in my cabinets. And thats just the start. I went crazy there! But it's okay. Im learning how to make Thai and Cambodian noodles. Im almost a master. Almost. My favorite ingredient is basil. Nothing like hot chilis and basil with tomato, green onion, garlic and peanuts over noodles. Yum. and its totally easy. 20 minutes to dinner. Really. This weekend, Im making spring rolls. I'd practice this week, but I have appts every evening and the quarterly letters are going out at work. Late nights. Again.

The mornings are still dark and its dark when I leave the office. Im very much looking forward to not being nocturnal. Being awake at night is so over-rated.

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