Nekomimi Lisa (lisagoddess) wrote,
Nekomimi Lisa

ok, phew

now with Tuesday over, life is good. i mean, im exhausted - nodding off on the train this morning, pulling myself out of an almost-passed-out hole at 57th St. - but nothing that a half caff wont fix.

I worked a little late last night and then ran off to the train which was behaving for once. Got home at 7:15. As I unlocked the door, my neighbor came out of her apt and wanted to chat. I felt so bad about being in a hurry, but she seemed cool with it. We split a strawberrry shipment and she wanted to give me the manual. I think we're going to plant out this week. Ive nailed these great wooden window boxes onto the fence and im going to alternate between strawberry and borage. I was reading that borage, while medicinal in a tasty tisane on it's own, makes the strawberries more flavorful. Ive started 2 borage from seed, but another 4 rotted as seedlings. they were my first non successful planting. maybe to much water? the survivors lived in a lactaid carton as opposed to reguular milk. Maybe that was it? anyway, ill just try the cut off poland springs bottles this time and see it I can get a few more seedlings going. the strawberry plants are hanging in my crisper until the weather decides to QUIT FUCKING FREEZING at night.
But I digress...

I ran out the door again to catch the F to the Y, swam until 9:20 (when i had PROMISED myself I'd be out at 9!!!), and made it home just by 10pm. --Can I mention that one of my lanemates is totally hot and Im pretty sure there was a flirt going on. Sometimes, my mental infidelity gets the best of me, but im back on track, dont you worry! -- My neko were racing around and all meowing. I suppose I irritated them by with such rushed behavior. They were pretty noisy all night long. I did the dishes, including the rice maker bowl which had been "soaking" for 4 days. yuck. crashed out at 10:45. I woke up this morning to KT scratching at his catbox. 4:08. and my lamp didnt work. I climbed downt he ladder and almost plummeted after slipping on some pants (see, i have these green cords that i lay over the ladder to make it look unclimbable to certain kitty-chan named Ifrit). Went to unplug the lamp cord and realized that I'd instead plugged in my rice-cooker all night! !! Geez.

Im supposed to hook up with Jason tonight. He's one of my partners at the massage space. He also works at Bliss, so Im going to hit him up for his 58% discount. I need me some lemon sage butter. It's yum. My clients like it when I use it on their hands. But this time, it's for moi. He's totally cute. Trying to date again after his fiance dumped him and he says he's forgotten how to do it LOL. I'll get the scoop tonight. But before that, I wanna hit the pool. So, Im looking at an 11pm bedtime and a 4:30 rise time for tomorrow's coaching, with a big night of drinking following work on Thursday, 4:30 rise on Friday to coach and a swim practice after work Friday. Up early to run (im up to 40 minutes!!) Class on Sat am, brunch with Janine. And THEN, god damn it, im taking a nap and I AM NOT going out on Saturday. I dont care if it's the weekend, my ass is on the couch watching movies. Watashi no shumatsu wa uchi de kimasu! (My weekend in the house is coming!)

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