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Apr. 12th, 2007

I miss the days of pink hair. Sigh. I dont think I even have any pictures, if you can believe it! But here's me in cartoon mode:

Investors gone. Ties and jackets off. Tummys relaxed. Chaos ensuing. I guess we will find out later what going on. I hear they are to come back again. Does that mean I have to clean the healthcare analyst's office again? (ok, to be clear, stand there while he does it and put things in piles...)

Still raining, pouring. Supposed to get a nor'easter this Sunday, says the trader. Ugh. My poor plants! They are getting so huge. I hope they are still standing up in all this rain. At least I wont have to water them for a while. ha. ha ha

Lean Cuisine wa hiru gohan. only 250 calories. Im starving. This is not enough! I will proceed to stalk the fridge and cabinets after I post, pretending that there might be something there that I missed before.