Nekomimi Lisa (lisagoddess) wrote,
Nekomimi Lisa

vacation is great. he office is drudgery. my good mood left me in about 2.4 hours. how come good paying jobs seem to all be boring? im so lucky to have it and the office people are nice, its just....well, im really bored with opening the mail today.

i just learned i created a huge filing project for myself because someone didnt tell me that i had to create new 2007 files for this particular filing cabinet. so, 4 months of invoices have to be refiled. yawn. stretch. cant wait to hit the pool tonight.

i dont have any vacation pics, so dont even go there. all my pics are of other people - the team and such for the website and family album. didnt i mention that i was grumpy?

Ft. Lauderdale in the sun and 50 meter pool. Thats paradise. I need to become a kids coach so I can do something I like. combine it with massage and just chill.
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