Nekomimi Lisa (lisagoddess) wrote,
Nekomimi Lisa

Friday worked out. actually unwound. Cherie decided not to come out and then Dave decided he was too tired to go to the MOMA anyway :( , so he picked me up and we enjoyed traffic together for the 1 1/2 commute home on the West Side Hwy. I kinda wanted to see the Richard Serra thing, but we made a pact that in 2 weekends, we'd go. I'll be completely done with Japanese and Lifeguard and he's be off of this week's night call.

I spent the weekend equally divided between CPR and First Aid lectures, and saving Bob the mannequin from certain death at the bottom of the pool. Tiring! I was kicked hard in the shoulder by one of the teenage boys in the class, and then later, i caught my foot in some foothold-steps (the ones you use to climb out of the pool) on the side of the pool while pushing off to deliver Bob back to the place where I originally saved him. Foot is all bruised. Shoulder is sore, but ok.

And then this morning, we were doing a set where we were kicking on our backs on one direction and swimming in the other. I had just finished my kick length and flip turned around. I was gliding/ kicking out, and had just turned up my head to breath when a lane-mate plowed into my face with the back of her head. She had drifted over to the wrong side of the lane. I heard my nose crack and pain radiated. Jumped out, but no bleeding. Iced right away and took Advil when I got to work. nothing seems fractured, but im achy sore and there's a light purple bruise extending over my cheekbone and left side of nose. ooops.

Ive already whacked several body parts on desk corners this morning, so Im getting the notion that my moon and stars are lined up in the "accident prone" quadrant. I will double check both ways before crossing any street, lobby, or thought process.

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