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Going grocery shopping for whatever you want and not having to pay for any of it is great! Our office orders online at Food Emporium every week. I try to keep it interesting, but believe it or not, we're getting bored with the options. I convinced a few people around here that we need more food variety, so I ran out around noon to Trader Joe's in union square and picked whatever look tasty off the shelves until I couldn't carry anything else. Not only did I escape the office, but I got to impulse shop on someone else's tab! yay! That being said, I know what people will eat around here, so I didnt get the neato sweetened hibiscus flowers or the spelt 7 grain omega 3 fiber rich non-carb (you get the drift) bread. I did get cinnamon mini bagels, chocolate covered prezels, crumpets (yum!!), sesame/ honey cashews...fiber cereal. i dunno. lots of stuff. snacky, cause people always have lunches around here to go to.

That's the highlight of the day.
Japanese class tonight. 3 more classes and I'll have my Tues/thurs back. In 1 week, im going to be free as a birdie again. No lifeguarding and no evening classes. Awesome! for about 2 days until I get bored. haha