Nekomimi Lisa (lisagoddess) wrote,
Nekomimi Lisa

we have a new intern in the office. shes young and ambitious and already dissatisfied with the fact that shes only an intern. hmm, i know the feeling..of wanting more, wanting to do more.
I old her that this place is an environment without boundries and it is very easy to come up with your own way. That seemed to cheer her up. It's true, though and if she pursues the job seriously, that intern title might be lifted. For the mean time, though, she gets to be errand girl on the days michael is out, graphic designer, geeral helper outter, and another voice for design critique. Not a bad day job, all in all.

I've had a busy morning. Im dwelling on my project and hope to get together with John tonight to discuss technology possibilities. I wish i could wave a wand and my vision would create itself.

I called Salon Cecilia. I have a 6:30 appt there tomorrow to discuss extensions. I cant wait!! It's going to be expensive, and ill have to save like crazy (rememebr that im saving for my project too) but, the hair is part of the new art that im trying to accomplish, so i dont feel its a waste of my money. you ready for lisa with long hair? i told you to enjoy those pictures while they last...i keep thinking about it, and im absolutely going to die if i dont have long hair by mid-may.

The J and I went out to Burrito Loco last night for dinner. It was a complete blowing of money, but we realized we just really needed to get out and splurge a little. it was nice to sit there a table in NY with him, and realize just how far we have the realtionship, financially..distance.
its crazy. if someone had told me all the hardship I would have to go through to get, back in, i would have moved to alaska.
no, just kidding.

Where is that intern? i need her to answer phones, cause I have to go to the bank.
and get lunch.
and run around like a free woman.
no, scratch that last part...

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